All recommendations are taken from my LinkedIn profile page.

Beatrice Askaner – Head of Marketing @Adyen

“Truly passionate about everything web, Jack is great with SEO, Google Analytics and always thinks beyond his role.”

Bas Brouwers – Art Director @ Adyen

“Jack is a diverse content writer and an awesome colleague.”

Greg Healy – Senior Content Strategist @ Adyen

“Jack is an outstanding copywriter. From microcopy to long-form stories, he can do it all.”

Ali Syed Shabbir – Business Development Manager @ AOL

“The work delivered from Jack is of great quality and this has certainly helped us in maintaining successful relations with our clients at AOL.”

Andrew McGovern – Digital Marketing Manager @ Serif

“Jack’s flexibility in writing styles and ability to quickly understand project briefs has really helped me deliver online promotions that have seen continuous improvements in performance and ROI.”

Claire Smith – Head of Acquisition @ Oakbrook Finance

“To put it simply, Jack just gets copy. He can adapt to any industry, project, or campaign.”

Ken Scott – PR Officer (Central) @ Stroke Association

“When it comes to copy, Jack knows what works, when three words are better than five, and how to connect and engage with an audience, which is something from my experience you can’t just teach.”

Dan Trussell – Sport PR @ Loughborough University

“A team player with excellent client relationships, Jack continues to stand out from the crowd.”

Andy Johnson – Digital Marketing Manager @ Serif

“Jack’s copy is consistently solid and easy to read, and his attention to detail is second to none. ”

Chris Maguire – Creative Director / Founder @ Riot

“Jack is a very unique and exceptional individual and has the ability to do the work of 5 or more people without even breaking a sweat.”