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Digital Warble was originally setup in 2013 as an online lifestyle website, magazine and blog. It quickly grew with a good social media following and some nice traffic building off the back of my online network from AltSounds and RiOT. However, the articles where mainly sponsored posts and press releases.

Over the last few years, DW has been through some transformations both with the content and design. Now, it’s currently sat in the background ready to find its way back onto my creative plate. My goal is to build the site out as a place to write about the things I’m really interested in.

Digital Warble: Website 2

I also want this a place to give whoever stumbles across it a nice experience. No ads, no cookie policy, banners, popups, newsletter pushes … All the stuff that really sucks when you’re looking online for an interesting article, about something cool.

I’m also taking inspiration from what we created for AltSounds with the music video channel-style. I love animations, video game trailers, documentaries and short films. So a place to add my favourite videos I stumble across would be a great addition to the DW platform.

The original branding was completed by a good friend and designer Dane Borell. My aim is to look ahead and create a fresh brand-look and feel to tie into the new design and content. Feel free to look around the site and see what you think.


Copywriter based in Amsterdam.

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