AltSounds: Website Revamp

Music is everything. It changes people. It can make a connection that can’t quite be explained yet.

For the last ten years, I have been building and maintaining the independent music website AltSounds. This has been a passion project for myself and the Creative Director of New York Creative Agency RiOT to share our passion for music, video, and design.

My roles have varied over the decade, from music reviewer to managing editor. At one point in time, we were managing over 50 contributors made up of writers, journalists, photographers, and editors, working daily to create engaging articles and stories.

AltSounds: Website Revamp 2 back in the early years
AltSounds: Website Revamp 3
AltSounds going through changes

Determined to create a website that breaks all the traditional boundaries placed on magazines we have achieved a great amount over the years. Our articles, stories and features where regularly shared and promoted by bands, press, media, and readers around the world resulting in a healthy 1+ million unique users per month.

AltSounds: Website Revamp 4
AltSounds moving towards an ad-based style

AltSounds quickly became one of the most popular music websites in the UK, beating giants such as Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Q and others in terms of traffic. These results all circle back to the quality of content produced daily by the amazing team.

Editorial standards ensured that all articles read excellently whilst achieving the best SEO possible. It was quite an achievement considering every single person working on AltSounds did so in their spare time, including me!

AltSounds: Website Revamp 5

We recently completed a rebrand of the AltSounds website, this time focusing on an experience-driven and ad-free music video site, rather than an editorial one. We wanted to create a place where you can sit back, listen and watch uninterrupted music videos.

Job profile

2008 – current: Content Editor

Key roles (​past and present)​:

» Regularly write, edit and post music news articles on a daily basis.
» Write innovative, engaging, targeted copy and content for a range of clients.
» Manage and create content for social media platforms of 45k+ followers.
» Deliver content and advertorials for brands to publish on a portfolio of websites.
» Setting up interviews, gig reviews, and new release reviews.
» Scouting for business partners and for new contributors.
» Setting up regular competitions and giveaways.
» Liaising with bands, managers, PR, and staff.
» Compiling a weekly newsletter going out to a large audience of music lovers.
» Assist in the editorial work posting news, interviews, reviews, and video.


My name is Jack and I’m a Digital Copywriter & UX/UI Writer based in Amsterdam.

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