Gents Fashion Project: Update #4 – Languages, Logo {ahem}, Social Media

Gents Fashion Project - Update #4 - Languages, Logo {ahem}, Social Media

The month has flown by and it’s a few days before Christmas so things will start to wind down a little to take time for family and friends. Here is an extensive round-up of the Gents Fashion project during December 2022.

Adding new languages

This is the first article in ES language.

I did a little research to find the easiest way to add new languages to a WordPress blog for free, without coding and found a plugin called Polylang. After a quick look around and a few mins on YouTube, I managed to add Spanish to the site (

I don’t speak Spanish. I decided on this language for two reasons:

1. I translated and localised the personalised supplement company Atida Pure into ES in 2021 and also built their blog content in three languages {I’ll write about this project soon} so I was pretty familiar with editing this content.

2. According to Wikipedia Spanish is the second-highest Native language in the world. So it made sense to focus on a language spoken by 400+ million Native speakers.

To write the articles I used the same style inputs for ChatGPT after writing the article in English. I simply asked, “Can you rewrite the article in Spanish adding in the Spanish SEO keywords”.

ChatGPT rewriting the article in Spanish


Creating a standard logo from a template in Canva

The WordPress theme I am using for this site came with a lovely-looking red logo. When I first installed the theme and started to tweak the design and layout, I used a header that didn’t feature this logo.

This was fine until a few weeks in I actually paid attention to the font styling and the design on mobile. Turns out the mobile design defaulted back to the default logo which didn’t look great at all.

Within a few minutes I jumped onto Canva, found a logo that looked within the minimalist style I am aiming for with GF and made a couple of changes to the font and spacing.

Once I was happy I added the logo to the template. For now, it’s fine. Many brands start with a shitty logo, so why not follow the trend. In the future I hope to spend some quality time on the branding to add the extra premium look and feel to the site and experience.

Social media

Gents Fashion Facebook page

Using the Facebook page as a starting point I had a play around with the Revive Social plug in for WordPress to see if it was still working smoothly. So far so good and this automatically published the article to the page.

My plan will be to leave it running to build up the links via the other social media channels, but for now that’s not really my main focus as I want to make sure the content on the pages of Gents Fashion are on point.

Results so far

Nothing major to report so far on the organic traffic, but the good news is that a few pages are being indexed and two clicks to the website have come via the Google machine in the month.

Next up: The next few weeks will be pretty quiet as it’s the holidays but my main aim is to continue translating the blog content into Spanish using ChatGPT.

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