Content designer

What is a content designer?

A content designer is a professional who designs content for websites, apps, and other digital products. Content designers typically have a background in writing, journalism, or marketing.

What does a content designer do?

A content designer creates content that is both user-friendly and engaging. This content includes everything from the text on a website to the images and videos used in an app. A content designer also oversees the overall tone and style of a product’s content.

Salary of a content designer

Content designers make an average salary of $60,000 per year. Salaries can range from $40,000 to $85,000 per year, depending on experience and location.

Content design books

Some popular content design books include “The Content Design Handbook” and “The UX Writing Handbook.” These books can help you learn more about content strategy, content management, and how to create user-friendly content.

Content design tools

There are a variety of content design tools available, including content management systems (CMS) and HTML editors. Content designers typically use these tools to create and manage content for websites, apps, and other digital products.


Content designers do not need to learn Figma in most cases. However, content designers who are familiar with Figma may be able to create more user-friendly content. It’s much easier to collaborate with your design team when you know your way around the tool.

Content management systems (CMS)

There are many different systems you should know about and ideally learn the basics of. Companies have their own setups so you’ll have to learn once you start if you job requires you to.

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that helps users create, manage, and publish content. Content management systems are often used to create websites, blogs, and other online content.

There are many different types of content management systems available, including open-source CMS applications and commercial CMS software products. Some popular content management systems include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

HTML editors

An HTML editor is a software application that helps users create and edit HTML code. HTML editors typically have features such as syntax highlighting and code completion to help make writing HTML code easier. Some popular HTML editors include Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Translations tools

A translation tool is a software application that helps content designers translate content into different languages. Translation tools typically have features such as text-to-speech and machine translation to help make translations more accurate. Some popular translation tools include Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

Content designer, UX writer, or copywriter …

Although every job description will contain cross-over for each job title, the role of content designer usually focuses on the overall tone and style of a product’s content. A UX writer creates content that is user-friendly and engaging and helps the person through a journey.

Both content designers and UX writers work closely with the product teams and developers to create content for digital products. A copywriter is quite different from the main focus is to tell a story through words with the intent of awareness and selling a product.

How to become a content designer

In order to become a content designer, you will need to have strong writing skills and be able to understand the needs of your audience. You will also need to be familiar with content management systems (CMS) and have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Content designers typically work closely with user experience (UX) designers and developers to create content that is both user-friendly and engaging. If you’re interested in becoming a content designer, start by honing your writing skills and gaining some experience with content management systems.

Then, look for opportunities to work with a team of UX designers and developers to create content that meets the needs of users.

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